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Build Your ​Thought-​Leadership ​Platform with ​a Book

Publishing Consulting + Services

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Book ​Consulting

Do you desire to self-publish?

Is your manuscript almost complete?

Would you benefit from expert ​guidance along the way?

Publishing ​Services

Have a finished manuscript?

Want our team to design your cover ​and format your non-fiction book?

Want support and a projectmanager for your publishing ​journey?

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Visibility ​Services

Work directly with Founder, BridgetSicsko to develop a book marketing + ​visibility strategy.

Need support with your brand ​identity?

Have no idea where to begin ​marketing your book?


Brand Architecture

Work directly with Founder, Bridget ​Sicsko, to develop your brand. We do a ​SWOT Analysis, evaluate your ​products, services, message and current ​marketing efforts. In addition, we take a ​look at your market, your target clients ​and refine your brand identity.

You do not need a finished book for this ​service.

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About The ​Founder

Bridget Aileen Sicsko founded Exalted ​Publishing House at the end of 2020. She ​was on a mission to share powerful stories ​to uplift humanity through words and ​community. Since 2020, EPH has ​supported over 150 authors across 14 ​countries. Bridget is an avid distance trail ​runner, cold plunge enthusiast, kundalini ​yoga teacher and gardener. In addition to ​her work in publishing, she is also a ​professional speaker, podcast host, brand ​architect and co-founder of Visibility on ​Purpose, a media training school for impact ​driven business owners.

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Past Clients

Aaron Wexler

Author—The Inspired Athlete

Hired EPH for book campaign and ​launc​h consulting

Li​ndsey Harper

Co-Author—Lineage Speaks

"I've always loved to write but never ​thought about the possibility of writing a ​book. Working with Bridget's team at EPH ​ma​de the process accessible."

Michelle Menzies


H​ired EPH for Publishing consulting

Published Books

Get Published

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Unique pathways, approaches and ​stra​tegies for soul-aligned success

Pr​osperity Codes

How to Attune to and Attract Wealth, ​Pr​osperity and Abundance

Where Social Work ​Ca​n Lead You

Exploring The Endless Possibilities of ​So​cial Work

Le​gacy Speaks

Women Leading a Life Worth ​Rememb​ering

Lineage S​peaks

Women Who Hold The Torch For ​Future Generations

Divinity ​Speaks

Who Who Tune in and Trust Divine ​Ins​piration


A Blend Between Ancient Italian and Ayurveda ​Cuisine For Mind, Body and Soul

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